About Us

First, there's "T" aka "Hubby". We met back in college, dated for 6 years , and married for 6 and a half years. He's a Chiropractor and lets me share my chronicles of being a chiro-wife. You'll have the opportunity to hear about him in small doses because as much as he loves and supports everything i do, he does not like to be blogged about. He's not into Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media! What can I say-opposites attract!

Next there's Leila, aka "baby #1". She's my amazing 3 year old who I can never stop talking or writing about. On top of being just one of the sweetest, funniest, smartest and kind hearted kids in the world, she most recently became the #1 big sister ever!

Last but not least, there's Samara, our newest addition. She was introduced on this blog as "baby #2" because we had the hardest time deciding on a name. Right now, her days consist of eating, sleeping, melting our hearts with her big gray eyes, and getting smothered by her big sister's hugs.

Those are the main characters in this blog, but I'll occasionally also get to share about My Big Fat African Family. They are loving, supportive, loud, and crazy, but they make me who I am today.  


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